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random post on the expansion of culinary horizons #04


Daphne’s Chestnut Honey Toblerone Surprise Cookies!

So one day I wanted to make cookies, like I usually do these days, but we were out of butter and I was too lazy (once again) to drag my butt to buy some, so I looked for cookie recipes sans butter.

I came across this one, and immedeately started preparing it. Whoa, is that honey? Cool! May I also state that we had no chocolate chips, so I manually cut some dark toblerone to replace them. The last few days I had been using chestnut honey for my tea, and decided to use it for this recipe instead of the regular one. And guess what… I consider those cookies to be my greatest success ever. The combination of toblerone with chestnut honey was a killer one! I learned later that this type of honey is kind of rare so I’m reserving it for making these cookies once more. ^^

Actually, I did try to make these again now that I was in Sofia with Cubi, and they turned out to be a disaster. -_- I have no idea whether it was the shitty flour or the, as it would seem, faux chestnut honey mom had bought me before my trip, or something wrong I did, but the cookies had almost no taste and their texture was horrible… WHY does this always happen when I try making a recipe for a second time? It’s like a curse, ffs! I promised the EVSers I would make them again and send them over soon.


random post on the expansion of my culinary horizons #03


Mom’s Ragout!

Ok, it’s been some time since I cooked this one, but it’s never too late to post the (kind of?) recipe, I guess. ^^

So one day my mother came back from the laiki (how do you english speakers say it? street market?) and as I had requested, with her came good amounts of various delicious veggies. I had no idea what I’d really do with them so she suggested I make a veggie ragout, which at the time sounded just great.

This recipe doesn’t have exact proportions of ingredients, you can throw in as much of and anything that you like. As far as I can remember, we put in peppers, mushrooms, mini-tomatoes, carrots and potatoes. Since the food may be accompanied by rice, I wouldn’t really suggest the potatoes, but do as you please.

So you chop chop your vegetables, not too big, not too small, and prepare a big pot with around 2 tablespoons of oil, 2 minced cloves of garlic and one sliced onion (or put in multi-blender). Sauté them for a couple of minutes. Throw in everything, along with spices of your choice. (We used some parsley too.) Stir until veggies are tasting good for you 😀 Hm, I know that you probably don’t throw in all ingredients at once but I was too lazy to pay attention to these “rules” and the food turned out great.

You might want to boil some rice or pasta for this dish, it’s really up to you. This food is super easy and super delicious so give it a try! 😀

(Boris’ use of the word “super” to describe anything has stuck with me, dammit!)


random post on the expansion of my culinary horizons #02


Portobello and white mushrooms ready to fill the kitchen with mouth-watering smells, guest starring Osteocare


Yesterday Nektaria came over. After giving her the long-delayed christmas present, we got down to business and cooked a super delicious risotto… plus chocolate chip cookies!
Curiously enough, I haven’t ruined a risotto once-I even did it without my mom supervising me the first time, trusting my culinary instincts (which don’t always prove to be right, but eh!). This time I decided to make it a bit more challenging, so I wanted to add to the materials I usually use. We used this recipe, minus the bay leaves and parsley, plus some krokos Kozanis and voilá!


Safran at work!

The cookies I made by myself-they were bigger than expected because of the misleading “two heaping tablespoons of dough into a ball” of the recipe instructions. I found them a bit too sugary/buttery, even though I didn’t use that much sugar and threw in less butter than suggested. They were really soft, which at first seemed peculiar to me, but Nek assured me that this is the way Americans like dem cookies. I still prefer this recipe, though (guaranteed success, there’s even an even easier version, and you can remove the red element and use Betty Crocker Devil’s Food Cake Mix). And there’s still SO MANY COOKIES TO TRY! *flies off leaving flour dust trail*

random post on the expansion of my culinary horizons


Salad with cottage cheese, mayonnaise, raisins, gouda cheese and mushrooms!

Since for the past few weeks I’m usually all alone at home, there’s all the more reason for me to cook more delicious meals for my precious stomach. Well, actually, I’ve been cooking a lot on my own since I entered university, but it was mostly pasta with cheese. I mean, damn! I can easily combine a few random ingredients and cook something yummy and yet there I was, wasting my time with stupid pasta, crying in front of a computer screen.
So, having saved over 100 bookmarks with all kinds of recipes and food blogs, I’m slowly starting to try new things. Being a sucker for new savoury experiences, I’m currently making lots of salty/sweet combinations (glorious be the days of the chocolate bacon), like in this recipe-which didn’t turn out the way I wanted it to, but it was edible and tasty, at least. ^^j
I’ve made much more progress in baking desserts and cookies. (especially because I want to stuff Cubi’s mouth with them)

Today I prepared this glorious salad accompanied by pasta with white sauce, more mushrooms and white pepper. Bring on the noms!
(white pepper is THE BOSS!)