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Series #02 | [Black Mirror]

I’ll start by presenting a collection of the songs played in the ingenious TV show Black Mirror. The first few seconds is the opening sequence accompanying every episode. No fancy titles or catchy music. Just the somewhat uneasy feeling of realizing you’re seeing your own reflection on whatever screen you’re watching it on.

This exact type of uneasy feeling followed me all through the series, sometimes with such an intensity that I was left feeling completely fucked-up after the end of the episode. There is a couple of episodes that don’t really aim at tackling your gut in this way; they’re more like a breath of fresh air amidst the thick, choking overall atmoshpere.


Each episode is a stand-alone story, so you can watch them how you please, but I’d advise watching them in order. But any episode you start with, you’ll get a taste of the twisted (or ahead of their time?) minds of the creators. Alas, be warned: I read somewhere, “One episode at a time is a challenge, so six in a row seems impossible.”, which reflects my own experience quite nicely.

Black Mirror ventures in a wide range of territories. Politics, social media, television, hate, video games, relationships. Most of the episodes are set in the (near) future, featuring advanced devices which make the whole point of the show seem like technology is the ultimate bad guy. All stories stayed with me for a few days at a time – the question always lingering in my mind; isn’t one or multiple of these fictional stories the inevitable future?

I wouldn’t exaggerate if I said that if I had to (re)watch only one show for the rest of life, it would definitely be Black Mirror. Are you ready to dive into the deep, dark abyss of humanity’s mind?

On a side note, here you can find faux comic book-style covers for each of the show’s episodes, accompanied by a short description.


Series #01 | Masters of Sex


I finally finished Masters of Sex.

I have the habit of not reading the plot for the majority of movies and series I watch, leaving myself to be pleasantly (or not) surprised by what I see, free of judgement. I had no idea what Masters of Sex involved, especially the fact that it contains less sex than Game of Thrones.

The plot derives from a real-life sexuality study by the (almost) invincible couple Masters and Johnson. It mainly revolves around those two, with the rest of the romantically or sexually involved characters serving as a heartbreaking bonus for the series. The second half of the first season left me feeling sorry for every human being the writers chose to torture emotionally.

Masters of Sex starrs Michael Sheen and Lizzy Caplan, whose on-screen chemistry wins all the awards.
I believe this one is not everyone’s cup of tea, but I would strongly suggest you give it a try. It might surprise you. I also wouldn’t put in on top of my list, but I quite enjoyed it-the music, costumes and sets are also pretty good. The second season starts in a couple of months and I’m curious to find out how things will unfold…

Thanks Nek for suggesting this to me!