Hello world!

(edit 30.08.2015-I really need to rewrite this. Says here on the top right corner Published on 11/30/2012 20:22. I’ve changed a couple of things from time to time but it needs a complete makeover, almost three years have passed…)

Name’s Daphne. AKA Dafnugen, Nugen, chocobacon, racoon, μαυροδάφνη, χαζοδάφνη and the list goes ever on.
She was born in Athens on a cool summer’s night 23 years ago. Currently looking for new taste experiences and mentoring 6 EVS volunteers.
She’s lived here her whole life, but has  managed to visit quite a few parts of the world, also having participated in various Youth in Action/Erasmus+ stuff. As a matter of fact, here is something relevant she made as a requested preparation for a training.

Daphne’s nothing special really. Just your average (fake) Greek student person, dragging her feet and complaining about the educational system. She loves visiting new places, her favourite colour is deep blue, she has a retarded laughter that can easily be triggered, her strange fascination with hair is apparent form the first time you take a look at her drawings, her favourite game is Kingdom Hearts II, she is in love with the works of Klimt, Schiele and Mucha, has a love-hate relationship with Adobe’s programs, enjoys cooking too much and loves handmade stuff.
Her greatest passion is, of course, food. Ok, and video games. She’s apiring to study Game Design one day.
Spontaneous, careless, annoying most of time, more often than not seen munching on something.
Warning: Violent mood swings may occur.

Comics take a huge part of her time. She draws. Sometimes.

This is her fifth attempt at blogging creating something that will be somewhat of an enjoyable read.
She’s pretty optimistic about this one. It’s a challenge to herself-she wants to evolve even more as a person.

May post in Greek sometimes. She should definitely try posting in English often, she feels as if her language competence has dropped  to the level of a 10-year-old. (to anyone who fully understood the whole About page, here’s a *high five* and a cookie from her.)

Oh, enough already.



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