random post on the expansion of culinary horizons #04


Daphne’s Chestnut Honey Toblerone Surprise Cookies!

So one day I wanted to make cookies, like I usually do these days, but we were out of butter and I was too lazy (once again) to drag my butt to buy some, so I looked for cookie recipes sans butter.

I came across this one, and immedeately started preparing it. Whoa, is that honey? Cool! May I also state that we had no chocolate chips, so I manually cut some dark toblerone to replace them. The last few days I had been using chestnut honey for my tea, and decided to use it for this recipe instead of the regular one. And guess what… I consider those cookies to be my greatest success ever. The combination of toblerone with chestnut honey was a killer one! I learned later that this type of honey is kind of rare so I’m reserving it for making these cookies once more. ^^

Actually, I did try to make these again now that I was in Sofia with Cubi, and they turned out to be a disaster. -_- I have no idea whether it was the shitty flour or the, as it would seem, faux chestnut honey mom had bought me before my trip, or something wrong I did, but the cookies had almost no taste and their texture was horrible… WHY does this always happen when I try making a recipe for a second time? It’s like a curse, ffs! I promised the EVSers I would make them again and send them over soon.


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2 thoughts on “random post on the expansion of culinary horizons #04

  1. cubilone7 March 5, 2014 at 10:47 Reply

    The original cookies do sound delicious, but before putting the blame squarely on you and your apparent inability to recreate successful batches, keep in mind that most of the food I’ve made here tastes shit compared to the way it usually does when I cook it at home. I believe it’s a combination of shitty ingredients and a bad oven.

    • dafnugen March 5, 2014 at 16:36 Reply

      You know, I was thinking of bringing a set of new frying pans next time I come over there, it’s seriously not healthy and impossible to cook in the ones you have o_o

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