random post on the expansion of my culinary horizons


Salad with cottage cheese, mayonnaise, raisins, gouda cheese and mushrooms!

Since for the past few weeks I’m usually all alone at home, there’s all the more reason for me to cook more delicious meals for my precious stomach. Well, actually, I’ve been cooking a lot on my own since I entered university, but it was mostly pasta with cheese. I mean, damn! I can easily combine a few random ingredients and cook something yummy and yet there I was, wasting my time with stupid pasta, crying in front of a computer screen.
So, having saved over 100 bookmarks with all kinds of recipes and food blogs, I’m slowly starting to try new things. Being a sucker for new savoury experiences, I’m currently making lots of salty/sweet combinations (glorious be the days of the chocolate bacon), like in this recipe-which didn’t turn out the way I wanted it to, but it was edible and tasty, at least. ^^j
I’ve made much more progress in baking desserts and cookies. (especially because I want to stuff Cubi’s mouth with them)

Today I prepared this glorious salad accompanied by pasta with white sauce, more mushrooms and white pepper. Bring on the noms!
(white pepper is THE BOSS!)


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2 thoughts on “random post on the expansion of my culinary horizons

  1. cubilone7 October 9, 2013 at 21:57 Reply

    And I unknowingly had some too! It was a little bit too fat I found, but I love the spirit! 🙂

  2. qwerty-dan October 11, 2013 at 20:28 Reply

    ^____^ wuuuaa

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