how to lose lovers and alienate everyone: a guide

  • follow these steps
  • it usually works like this: (irrational) fear of rejection>(evil) jealousy>(unnecessary) anger
  • having an inferiority complex is very helpful
  • being sarcastic when things aren’t going your way also convenient as hell
  • let your (so-called) problems devour you and get even more confused when you really can’t handle a situation that’s getting out of hand for you
  • never talk about what’s bothering you because (very important) you expect/assume that they will never understand and/or it’s too depressing to talk about and it will make them think less of you
  • (blame yourself for everything that may be annoying you in any relationship)
  • have angst!!! get cold feet from just about anything (from a meaningless gesture to physical distance over a seemingly long period of time)
  • never accept any kind of help, especially from someone you are head over heels in love with
  • you (subconsciously) hurt the other person so that YOUR ego may (temporarily) stay unharmed
  • give up
  • give up everything, even your passion
  • in general, repetition of behaviour YOU have previously received from some asshole helps quite a lot
  • vicious cycle occurs
  • ???
  • no profit at all

This is an incoherent self-helping post. Written so it may be referenced in the future as well.



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One thought on “how to lose lovers and alienate everyone: a guide

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