What food teaches us about life


I’m always amazed at unexpected combinations in my food, how mixing savory and sweet (like salt sprinkled on chocolate, peanut butter on bananas, and melon with prosciutto) can create fuller, richer flavors. Now, this might seem like bullsh-t to some, but I think sweet and sour experiences also make for a richer, more complete life. Certainly, we all strive for the best and rejoice when good things happen to us, but I think most people will admit you learn a whole hell of a lot more from surviving bad experiences. A lot of the time, we look back on our struggles and declare we wouldn’t go back and change them if we could, because they had a hand in making us what we are. And, if nothing else, misfortune makes us appreciate good fortune all the more. Which is why I say we need to embrace these contrasting flavors, both in life and on our plates — we’ll be more complete for it in the end.

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