Monthly Archives: November 2012

Last day in Patra/A walk alone in Athens

On the one side I had a cold breeze, on the other the warm sun. I closed my eyes and listened. Everything was calm. Some faraway sounds. University students chatting, birds chirping, leaves rustling. I turned and looked at the clouds behind me.

[you’ve been having quite an obsession lately, am I right?]

Everything is such a lovely shade of green.
I stood on the bridge and watched the trains go by. It was one of those times I really wished all the lights would flicker and disappear, I wanted to lie on my back and stargaze. And thank whoever there is to thank, because come to think of it, I have lived a blessed life until this moment.
[we’re two happy people, aren’t we now?]

Today That day I said: “I am a grateful person.”